Boston School Eye within the Sky!


A attainable season-saving, play?

Virginia Tech soccer went a minimum of just a little bit St.Lazarus on Saturday nite and rose up from the lifeless after a mortifying go to to Norfolk, Va. two Friday nite lights in the past.

The Hokies nabbed a okay.Kong raised to the g.Zilla BIG massive massive play on the 43-second expended marker and received semi-close to by no means actually having to significantly look again after that. Although recalcitrant to publish that we curb-stomped BeeCee or beat the F’n Eagles ass… I can say that we a minimum of had the sport in not lower than semi-hand as we led for nearly ≅93% of the entire complete length. And as a rule main 93% of the time will not be half-bad within the last evaluation. They’ve finished research you realize… as in…, 60% of the time main 93% of the time wins (practically) each time. So, possibly this was a Intercourse Panther second for our Hokiebird going phoenix vs. these F’n Eagles? Or, possibly not a lot. As a result of even when we did want this one like a lifeless man wants a coffin? We now have a means(s) to go to even vaguely develop into an entire and whole soccer group as you’ll statistically objectify down under. As this was a strong VicTory that received us again on the appropriate facet of the ledger vs. a group with two left toes.

2Q 13:52 remaining:

Heavy is the top that wears the crown.
—Henry IV, Half 2

Do you see what Eye imply? (St.Nikon bless!) This has been a slow-nag all camp lengthy.


Whispers do nevertheless say he additionally has a hip-pointer right here.
May very well be down for per week or three… dang.

2Q 9:15 remaining:
See: Garbutt goes spin-move, sharp enuff, and on a really good-looking 2o22 begin. Then see him (by accident) step onto DAX’s proper foot along with his very personal left foot.

…dang, this coulda been worse to misstep 1o1.

Eye woulda mentioned ankle right here… tho’ he’s grabbing his toes.
Might St.Sebastian bless!

Alhough #45 did fortunately return to scrumming in a while.

3Q 7:46 remaining:
Grant (in some way) received this hit!


Don’t wanna see him (having to) win anymore ——>b.avenue
As that is the way you get your skull side-lateral cracked and knocked the spark out. Dang…

3Q :44 remaining:
Simply what the A.c.c. Defensive Participant of the Week and hopefully getting subsequent week full-shut-down, off; didn’t want.



The odd-G of BeeCee tries to assist block the hard-charging and actually coming ’22 #45 (Garbutt) on.

Although he by accident Charley horses him proper within the quads for it as well.
St.Charles bless!

…and but once more, he did return to battle 2-series later (nabbed a Sack for it too).
Sport; ain’t he?

4Q 0:00 remaining:
Ending the ultimate stanza of play you ask?

We/VeeTee was solely up ➕36oo% in dashing yards for the entire, complete, recreation— Eye’ma jus’ sayin’…

Time To Throw (TTT)©:

Virginia Tech:
Qb pressured=9
Qb hurried=2
Qb hits=11 (1 private foul on BeeCee)
Sacked=1 (they scored one Eye scored two FWIW)

Boston School:
Qb pressured=16
Qb hurried=1
Qb hits=18

Blocking Evaluation:
Nicely, in all candor, we distributed a few of our pure or Swiss chicken-fighting performs in each optimistic and unfavorable instructions alike.

The harshing is… we missed a number of extra assignments and/or blocks. Tho’ our Go Professional’ continues to surpass our run-fits (pardon the pun). As g.Wells discovered himself a close to +8% increase in completion share this outing. Nevertheless, Wells is dropping by a mind-numbing 27% 1Q to 2Q, then dropping once more by 12% 3Q to 4Q on an aerial share foundation. This appears to talk to a really front-loaded ‘go’ play scripting, or to a drained arm (or a hidden ding). Time=show-n-tell, right here. As his Whole Qb Score falls off a 3Q to 4Q cliff by 1o3 factors in-game. wowow! (1Q to 2Q solely falls by about 6o-points).

Nevertheless, we’ve solely had one Rb(1) bust north of a really paltry wanting 2.4 ypc in any recreation to date.

A few of that is whispered to be a really difficult set of blocking guidelines— a few of it’s a systemic juxtaposition. Though neither a type of will match the eighth up by means of 18th Octoberfest rushing-D’s we face three outta 4 instances. (With solely porous U.n.c. seemingly Run D accessible right here).

= =

That is sharp statistical work if you may get it.
Make no misQ… it is a shiny begin…

Although… threw no fault of our personal… we’ve not precisely been going through Steve Younger or Frank Tarkenton. And we’re not precisely confronted a Lombardi: Gregg, Kramer, Ringo, and Thurston oLine.

The Monarchs (who beat us, thoughts you) …

  • O.d.u. is penultimate to final in Dashing O!!!
  • sixth from final in Whole O!!
  • practically a centesimal in passing O.
  • 92nd in Sacks Allowed O.
  • 83rd in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed.

The F’n Eagles (who we clipped) …

  • BeeCee is penultimate to final in Whole O!!!
  • DEAD final in Dashing O!!! Worst.
  • 1o6th in Passing Effectivity O!
  • 124th in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed!!
  • 129th in Sacks Allowed!!
And we simply had just one man common ≥7′ per carry for an A.c.c. recreation!

(o) (o)

Do you see what Eye means?

Wofford is o-57 on the scoreboard after scrumming for 8-quarters so 2o22 far.
Not a lot gonna be revealed right here— or so all of us Coaching Room/whirlpool certainly hope.

Then hateful w.V.u. involves city in a last hateful rivalry recreation chapter with their head-coach-hating hot-seat life. As our D lastly will get its thermostat, calibrated and/or chin-checked.

Mea culpa…
Sure, Eye absolutely agree…
Issues do look ’22 higher vis-à-vis ’21 on D.

Nonetheless; or in different phrases, that is Donald Rumsfeld soccer…
…we don’t know what we don’t, know.huh?
Do you???

Longfield Administration (Lo.FM)©:

Virginia Tech:
optimistic: |||| |||| ||| (3 BeeCee penalties, 1 4th-down TD!)
Swiss (impartial): ||||
unfavorable: |||| |||| |||| ||| (3 VeeTee flags)

Boston School:
optimistic: ||| (1 VeeTee flag)
Swiss (impartial): ||||
unfavorable: |||| |||| |||| |||| ||| (1 INT)

Tackling Evaluation: halts proceed to enhance… and it was not actual unhealthy @O.d.u.
Actually, it was higher over in Norfolk than on the stability of the final marketing campaign.

Mueling 1o1…

From above and alongside related (entrance) traces…

  • Hokie Whole O and Whole D are a staggering 11o-spots aside in Nationwide Rankings!
  • Hokie Passing O and Passing D are 9o-sports aside in Nationwide Rankings.
  • Hokie Dashing O and Dashing D are 81-spots aside in Nationwide Rankings.
  • With Passing Effectivity O and Passing Effectivity D solely 1o4-spots aside in Nationwide Rankings!
  • With 1st-down O and 1st-down D a likewise numbing 1o4-spots aside in Nationwide Rankings.

Do you see what Eye imply?

As we’re twenty fifth finest in sacks allowed or fairly decently holding Wells upright and erect within the pocket. We’re additionally a serrated sixteenth finest in opposing Qbs sacked and a virtually as knifey 18th finest in TFL (tackles for a loss) behind the opposing offense’s line of scrimmage. Then, nevertheless, we’re very user-friendly 1o9th finest in TFL (tackles for a loss) allowed on O.

˜˜ ¯‾

So, and that is completely why you run the maths not yo’ mouf(s).

It did NOT really feel like this watching the tape to me… nevertheless, and nonetheless, I suppose the P.A.T.T.y-cake P.A.T.T.y-cake bakers’ males amongst yah?

Nicely, possibly you may get away with the cliché… “…we had been beating them worse than the scoreboard confirmed.” Or possibly even “Virginia Tech might have received by extra.”
Possibly? As we had been up 430% in optimistic Lo.FM’s.
Even when 24% of them had been courtesy of BeeCee.

Eye says this as a result of Boston School didn’t tally their preliminary optimistic (+) Lo.FM on offense till proper earlier than intermission. Going practically 48% of the best way much less one dang good Lo.FM play they contaminated upon us. That’s simply not a clutch search for poor beat-up-looking Phil Jurk’ or Zay.Circulate’.

The caveat is… we/VeeTee had tallied 2 missed throws and a couple of yellow laundries tallied in opposition to ourselves by way of ourselves. As our D was BeeCee’s personal worst enemy and we had been our very personal worst enemy alike —a minimum of for a stuttering portion of the 2Q and the 3Q of play.

Now, that is higher than being your individual worst enemy for all 4Q’s like over @O.d.u.
Granted (pun considerably supposed).

And even when that is by no means ever gonna be an excellent 2o22 offense?
Eye’d accept it simply being a non-selfie-inflicted wound of a 2o22 offense.

And I wager Pry & Co. would too.
As they’ll start to creep up on C— or so on O if /after they ever do.huh?

As our ex-Qb2/3: Blumrick made performs along with his mits and our now Qb1 Grant made a few performs occur along with his toes; and that may be a begin… so all of us hope!

As we warned… this one was not simple on the eyes.
A wierd recreation is that this rectangular spheroid.
Whereby if you happen to mixed these 2 little O’s you may take pleasure in 1-medium-O.
Would possibly…”

(o) V (o)

That means: one thing has gotta give; as we ain’t precisely flushing out murders row.
And the opposing P.E.T.A. ask solely goes up after obedience education the lowly Terriers of Wofford.

Or: R.A.T.T. …simply how far can this hopefully legit D carry this practically illegitimate O?

This we don’t but know… tho’ Atlas and Doan’s and me are
all getting a lotta lumbar stretching, in, JIC❗️

the takeaway...

…fairly taken with PK1, William Ross year-to-date.

5×5 on P.A.T.’s and 100% (3 of three) on F.G.A.’s is 3/2’s full similar to dat.

…we may have him, too!

Apart from that?

In all actuality… we’re in a Coach Fletch O&M ‘grey space’ right here.

D appears a lot improved vs. a near worst D-1 O after which vs. the nearly worst D-1 O. O appears muddled vs. a really suspect D after which vs. an okay enuff D; alike. With King hitting 3 house run performs’ nice for a collective 14-points (counting Ross’ stellar P.A.T. boots).

This implies… we’re merely okay.King’s two crowning performs faraway from being 1-point faraway from Final Place in Scoring O for all of D-1 people.

Or, get nicely soonest or a minimum of by hateful w.V.u. to his dinged-up hip and to
m.Thomas’ dented left foot; little question in spades.
our man was higher early and late, their man was inconsistent for the length.

🏈 👁️.Q. Award Winner:

…mo’ like utilized sports activities psych’ a minimum of 1-credit-hour of a Laboratory part hereby awarded.

BeeCee didn’t punch us within the mouf.
No mo’ so than O.d.u. didn’t punch us within the mouf.

We punched ourselves within the mouf over within the 7-5-5.

So, both we’re packing a fairly respectable wallop or we’re chinny as adversity goes.

Tho’ it does go to say that they didn’t tank publish being upset @O.d.u. like Shamoo at Sea World.
And that’s a minimum of an encouragement and value 1-credit hour of Utilized Sports activities Psych.

As we nonetheless do not but know what occurs when somebody does really punch them proper within the mouf.
Loading ... Loading …


formulae soccer…
…favors shortening video games and going FOX or G.O.P. and conserving our defensive petrol tank whereas on O&M O.

…as twenty eighth in TOP (time of possession) would seem to agree.

They don’t seem like in any hurry much less the opening drive @O.d.u.— they usually actually do gotta thoughts the defensive Prybar R&R or cardio-pulmonary conditioning retailer relatively hawkishly certainly.

The Remainder of the Story...

The place’s the Tau Sigma Lambda I used to know?

As in there are solely 10 mo’ coaching days till you realize, who!


The sportlight...

Right here within the sportlight… we noticed that Chris Coleman of TSL known as this: “A Classic VT Defensive show“.

We had the identical close to a fait ac·com·pli 4Q look.

JUST what we like, need, love… and Frankly -pun intended- really feel County Honest blinking-contest most secure about.

VeeTee squeezed the life outta this one people.
A Coach Heimlich Maneuver gag order if you’ll

As in all candor?

There was not an entire helluva so much to 4Q film-study glean. (Past, holding the 1’s in too lengthy— which we warned you Pry had a training sewing-circle popularity for being wish to do). That should stop. Tho’, he musta felt that they wanted the reppin’ up and that tells the sage armchair Qb1’s amongst you one thing in-and-of-itself; n’est-ce pas?

Past that P.T. foible or possibly necessity of their eyes?

This was a dullard of a more in-depth.
A yawning pageant broke free much less one BeeCee modest 2nd-half tried rally.

…powerful to do rather more than this, or was it the BeeCee oLine?

You possibly can clearly see what Eye imply now, proper(s)?

VeeTee succeeded in stalling or shorting out or simply plain derailing 85.71% of the F’n Eagles offensive possession on an finally received kinda soggy New River Valley latent Summers Eve.

2 for 7 on third down-converts allowed and an ideal o’fer on 4th down-converts allowed is squeezing the pigskin good-n-hard similar to dat. Proudly owning TOP (time of possession) by way of a close to astounding 300% surplus margin till the final two scoring drives of BeeCee tried to skew issues a minimum of just a little again in direction of normalcy itself is domineering if not dominate itself.

Flirting and batting eyes at being: “Vicelike “… 1o1…

And there’s the temporal mechanic’s kicker… (pardon the punting pun); Virginia Tech solely allowed on BeeCee drive of 4:26 in TOP max. The Hokies nevertheless engineered a mere one, that’s (1) drive north of 4:o5 in TOP.

Or in different phrases, the ’22 VeeTee D is vastly, and I do imply vastly mo’ dominate than the very average (at finest/at most) ’22 VeeTee O.


And as requested as sobriquets go final week… the place is that this “most correct passer I’ve ever coached”? The place are all these superb Dwelling-Run deep shot throws; as they -not we- they informed you ways nice Wells was right here. 3 stretch chucks per quarter is what they informed you. Whereas Grant has precisely 2 completions ≥17-yards so far.

This was both Lou Holtz -esque ‘coach-speak’ or attempting to speak g.Wells into himself… or… we actually do not know?

As a result of we are able to solely guarantee you, we by no means noticed what they mentioned.
…from actually unhealthy to nonetheless under common… tho’, trending up!

Or in last phrases… the @O.d.u. L will not be as unhealthy because it appeared, and this W @house vs. BeeCee will not be so one-sided because it appeared.

As our D is noticeably higher than we anticipated on the within.
Shrek and Pry advantage early defensive coach of the yr vote(s) right here.
As a result of no person aside from Garbutt has any noticeable statistical panache to their recreation upfront.

And but they’re actually plugging the LOS (line-of-scrimmage) and spilling performs to uncovered ballers (DAX, Peoples, and Conner) like whole champs.

The O? Nicely, they’re actual near being offensive certainly.
Time=inform and hopefully not time=scent, there…


So, if you happen to ask me -and you probably did by way of studying these very words- if you happen to ask me?
Nicely, the place you stand is the place you sit.
Or, any port in a storm.

…now do you see(s) what Eye, means?


I’ma hoping -and I kinda think- the D is a minimum of semi-close to being fo’, actual.
The O nevertheless is absolutely near being not solely actually unhealthy; it’s objectively worse than ’21 was earlier than.

The nearer

So, we finished not so good after which we finished good in not beating after which in beating two not-so-good groups respectively. Aye, Saturday was higher, cleaner, and tighter (15-flags throw then a 300% discount to a manageable 5 in the identical). Ditto Turnovers (+1 vs. BeeCee in Turnover margin after a heinous giveaway/gift-wrapped 5 vs. the Monarchs).

And oh, if we might solely be 3-nil and flying sky-high for guess who?
’trigger, we have now cut up and are actually .5oo vs. a tomato can and a bum.

This leaves us questioning what can we do once we face an excellent squadron.
Or, as soon as we get to October and we face a number of very dang good and Nationally Ranked golf equipment.

Although there Eye go once more, at all times placing the cart out in entrance of the horse…

And ‘aye’, I do know that mendacity is for… rugs.
Nonetheless but, the early ’22 truthing returns are that the reality prolly lies someplace in between. As of proper now, that’s the place this extremely imbalanced offensive vs. defensive acumen group appears line-of-best-fit to be to me.
We’re probably centrist… or center of the aisle general, except, in fact, we’re not?
With the Sodium Pentothal or Scopolamine in any other case often known as hateful w.V.u.,
set to nudge our ’22 actually needle both O.d.u.’s or BeeCee’s, means.



Virginia Tech=27, Boston School=1o







…might St.Nickbless!!!


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