Exterior: Drought is the same as one thousand 2 hundred and twelve phrases


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By The Outsida, Doug Brendel

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I can not see the numbers. They’re meaningless to me.

I perceive there’s something known as a spreadsheet. To me, it appears like mattress.

In highschool, I obtained my solely D in math. And I obtained it from Ms. Dibby, whom I cherished, and who cherished me.

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However she had no alternative, as a result of I used to be very disillusioned. rating. a curse.

In our system, I perceive that there are 10 of them, beginning with zero, which is nothing – so why do not they name it nothing?

Then this quantity goes as much as 9.

However then you definitely run out of them, so you need to begin grouping them collectively: 10, 11, 12. Every has its personal distinctive identify.


And, ultimately, you run out of two-number numbers, so that you’re compelled to complicate issues additional with three-digit numbers: 100, 101, 102.

That is adopted by four-number numbers that require commas: 1,000 and 1,001 and 1002, and it is much more mind-boggling after that.

So after they begin speaking about drought by way of numbers, I am afraid my eyes will glaze over. The US Geological Survey reportedly recorded the Ipswich River flowing at a mind-blowing price of 0.07 cubic ft per second.

That is thoughts boggling to me, as it’s three numbers and a decimal level. However principally, the river goes gradual, is not it?


“Mainly,” says Wayne Castongue, govt director of the Ipswich River Watershed Affiliation, “zero.”

Ah, zero! I bear in mind this There may be nothing like that.

“The river is lifeless,” Castongue says.

Certainly, he says, the river’s circulate is being recorded as “adverse” for the previous few weeks.

Which is one other full set of numbers with minus indicators in entrance of them. Then worse than zero. lower than nothing.

The water that usually flows downward is definitely seeping into the bottom, as a result of the earth is so thirsty.

My eyes are crossing. 350,000 – a big quantity – for the way many individuals and companies the Ipswich River offers consuming water. However 35 – a comparatively small quantity – is what number of miles the river is.


It’s 80 % of the water exported, so it can not assist to replenish the watershed. 90 is the proportion of those withdrawals which might be exempt from regulation. The variety of cities the river flows by earlier than reaching Ipswich is 13.

And 15,000,000 — such an enormous quantity, it is not one, however . is required Twocomma—that’s, what number of gallons of water is wasted On a regular basis Due to outdoors water, in keeping with an American Rivers report final 12 months.

No surprise we’re at a adverse quantity for circulate. Drought is hell for these with a math problem.

The US Drought Monitor group ranks drought from D-zero (abnormally dry) to D4 (terribly dry).

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts ranks drought from degree 1 (delicate) to degree 4 (emergency). Ipswich is at degree 3 (vital) at this writing, which sounds dangerous sufficient.

The EEA additionally publishes a color-coded map of the state, apparently for individuals like me. I’m grateful.

It reveals which areas are dry with out utilizing numbers.

The present map is actually orange, orange and orange. I perceive completely.


The numbers could also be blurry for me, however I get the vibe. I feel, put all collectively, the numbers give me a mysterious message:

“Cease losing water. Flip off the faucet whereas brushing your tooth or shaving – you are losing about 2.5 gallons per minute.

“Stick a bowl within the sink once you wash produce; Use wastewater on your houseplants. Wait till it’s absolutely loaded earlier than working your washer or dishwasher.

“Bake a fast bathe as a substitute of filling the dangling bathtub. And for Pete’s sake, let go of your silly garden.”

Hear the sound of numbers, my individuals, Failed maths pupil says. If all 13,785 Ipswich residents strive 96.81%, we will get our river again. Or a minimum of a trickle of 24.62%.

Doug Brendel lives close to a bone-dry, snow-white grass meadow on Outer Linebrook Highway in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Discover his dried-up world at DougBrendel.com.



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