Halo Infinite Recharge map information


Halo Infinite’s Recharge map is a enjoyable, fast-paced map that’s featured in nearly each playlist. Ranked gamers will play Slayer, Oddball, and Strongholds on Recharge, which means they’ll should adapt to nearly all ranked sport modes on this battlefield.

The important thing to profitable on Recharge is similar as another map: Management the facility weapons and have interaction enemies as a workforce to win. Figuring out the very best spots across the map additionally helps, so use this information as a useful resource earlier than diving into your subsequent match.

Weapon spawns

  • Hydro: Plasma Grenades/ Gravity Hammer or Power Sword (ranked)
  • Sneaky: Frag Grenades
  • Lengthy Corridor: Disruptor/Mangler (ranked)
  • Upkeep Bay: VK78 Commando
  • Batteries: Hydra/Shock Rifle (ranked)
  • Orange Pipes: Frag Grenades
  • Whirpool Dam: Needler
  • Elevator: Plasma Grenades
  • Storage: Plasma Pistol/Mangler (ranked)
  • Management Room: BR75/ VK78 Commando (ranked)

Tools spawns

  • Blue Pipes: Repulsor
  • Pit: Energetic Camo
  • Batteries: Grapple Shot


Screenshot through 343 Industries

Hydro is residence to the C Flag in Strongholds and one of many spawn factors. Gamers that spawn right here have nearly quick entry to the Power Sword or Gravity Hammer, that are lethal on this close-quarters map. Combining this stuff with the Grappleshot can devastate enemies with ease. 

The Hydro space is among the hottest spots on the map in a number of sport modes. Groups will typically maintain the Oddball close to the Power Sword spawn since it’s secluded and simple to guard. Gamers may also throw the Oddball off the map to reset it if the enemy workforce breaks by the defensive position. 

A Flag and C Flag are additionally comparatively shut, and controlling these two flags is a viable technique in Strongholds. It’s essential to carry at the least one of many residence flags, since solely controlling the B Flag will spawn you within the heart of the map. This places you at a drawback as a result of it’s a lot simpler to defend both residence flag. 

Lengthy Corridor

Screenshot through 343 Industries

Lengthy Corridor, often known as C Hallway, connects the Hydro and Platform areas to the middle space of the map. This slim path has entry to Sneaky, Attic, and Batteries, making it a well-liked route. Maintaining monitor of enemy motion by this space is essential, however gamers can simply watch the entrances on both facet from different areas. 

Gamers sitting in Attic can simply watch Lengthy Corridor, however gamers have an honest quantity of canopy to make use of as they traverse the trail. The Disruptor additionally spawns in Lengthy Corridor, however it is a comparatively weak weapon that ought to solely function a backup possibility.


Screenshot through 343 Industries

Batteries serves because the higher heart portion of the map and is the house of a number of targets. The Oddball spawns on this spot, and the B Flag covers nearly all of the world. Gamers will typically combat on this space, however that is typically harmful as it’s uncovered to a number of different elements of the map. 

The Shock Rifle or Hydra spawns within the upper-left nook of Batteries, and a gap within the top-right results in Orange Pipes. The 4 batteries always increase and decrease, which means the accessible cowl adjustments. These shifting objects additionally permit gamers to simply attain the elevated areas, though leaping within the open will be harmful. 

Staying on this space for lengthy just isn’t really helpful as enemies can choose you off from a number of angles. This additionally means you possibly can cowl Batteries from a number of different spots, permitting you to cowl targets from a distance. 


Screenshot through 343 Industries

Pit is the massive open space beneath Batteries and is the place Energetic Camo spawns. Virtually each match begins with a skirmish in Pit as every workforce fights for management of the highly effective piece of kit. Platform and Elevator hook up with Pit, which means gamers can probably cross the map on this low space. However its nearly as uncovered as Batteries, so watch out when shifting round this space. 

Gamers can use a field to leap as much as Batteries from Pit, which is a well-liked tactic after grabbing Energetic Camo. Sliding into Pit can also be a superb method to escape hazard, however suppose twice earlier than utilizing this tactic. Shifting too near both facet of the map can disrupt the spawn factors and probably put your workforce in a difficult scenario. 

Pit additionally connects to Blue Pipes, which connects to the decrease half of Hydro. Bear in mind this route in case you seize the Power Sword; having Energetic Camo and the Power Sword is an nearly unstoppable mixture. 

Orange Pipes/Upkeep Bay

Screenshot through 343 Industries

Orange Pipes and Maintenace Bay type an extended hallway working behind Batteries, connecting Whirlpool Dam and Lengthy Corridor. This can be a fashionable spot in a number of modes because it gives entry to Attic and is simple to defend. 

If you happen to’ve performed Oddball on Recharge, you’ve seemingly encountered a workforce tenting on this space. The 2 entrances on both facet are simple to defend, and the participant holding the ball can simply transfer from one facet to the opposite. 

Upkeep Bay can also be the inside portion of Attic and is a superb spot to cowl many of the map. Choosing off or damaging gamers from this spot is simple, and persistently controlling this spot will help you win Slayer matches. 

Whirpool Dam/Elevator

Screenshot through 343 Industries

Whirlpool Dam and Elevator function the opposite spawn space. A Flag is situated within the high portion of elevator, and Whirlpool straight connects to Batteries. The elevated place on this space can be utilized to cowl most entrances to Batteries, making it a great spot to manage.

That is additionally one other fashionable spot in Oddball, as a result of the ball provider can conceal on the high of Elevator whereas their workforce covers the opposite entrances. A Flag is a straightforward flag to carry if one persistently stays on this space, however taking it may be tough. Do not forget that Pit and Management Room connects to this space on the decrease stage, and sneaky opponents can flank with ease.

Management Room

Screenshot through 343 Industries

Management Room is a two-story space between the A and C Flags. The second ground seems over Pit and Batteries and has a superb view of Attic. Gamers will seemingly encounter enemies in Management Room persistently all through a match, particularly in Stronghold. 

Put together for close-range fights

Recharge may function a number of giant open areas, however close-quarter fights occur extra typically than you may suppose. Preventing for both residence flag in Strongholds will be irritating, particularly if the enemy workforce has the Power Sword or Energetic Camo. Shifting by Orange Pipes and Upkeep Room will be unimaginable if multiple participant is holding the world. However keep in mind there are a number of weapons, just like the Needler and Mangler, that may assist you to win battles with further firepower.

Additionally, don’t panic if the enemy workforce persistently controls B Flag. A viable technique is holding the A and C Flags as the opposite workforce will spawn in the midst of the map and should combat to take one of many residence flags. Operating between each spawn areas is simple so long as you management Management Room. Bear in mind this if a workforce is efficiently holding the center portion of the map.


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