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A cesarean part (C-section) is a surgical procedure to ship a child and leads to a scar throughout the mom’s stomach. About 1 in 3 girls in the USA ship their infants through C-section.

Massaging your C-section scar may help its therapeutic course of and enhance its look. You will need to wait to start therapeutic massage till your healthcare supplier provides you the go-ahead.

This text will describe the advantages of C-section scar therapeutic massage and easy methods to do it correctly.

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Varieties of C-Part Scars

C-section scars are often about 4 to six inches lengthy. At first, they seem pink and swollen. Over time they develop into flattened in opposition to the pores and skin. The 2 sorts of C-section scars are:

  • Transverse C-section scar: That is the commonest kind of C-section scar. It runs alongside the decrease stomach, often alongside the underwear line. 
  • Vertical C-section scar: This kind of scar is usually used throughout emergency surgical procedure as a result of it permits the healthcare supplier to take away the newborn as rapidly as attainable. A vertical scar runs up and down alongside the decrease stomach. 

Scar Formation

Scars are a standard a part of the therapeutic course of. As soon as the pores and skin has been reduce or broken, our pores and skin cells begin rising new tissue to fall within the hole. From there, scar tissue made up of collagen types on the pores and skin.

C-Part Scar Therapeutic Phases 

There are three major phases within the scar therapeutic course of, together with:

  1. The inflammatory stage lasts for 3 to 5 days after surgical procedure. Throughout this stage, the bleeding has stopped, and the scar seems pink and swollen. That is when platelet cells and white blood cells journey to the incision website to cease bleeding and assist defend in opposition to an infection. 
  2. The proliferative stage is about 5 to fifteen days. That is the time when collagen types on the incision website. The collagen acts to drag collectively the sides of broken pores and skin alongside the incision. Throughout this stage, new blood vessels type, and the scar seems thicker. 
  3. The reworking stage is the ultimate stage of the therapeutic course of and may final for as much as a yr. Throughout this stage, the scar flattens in opposition to the pores and skin and fades in colour.

Why Massaging Helps 

Scar therapeutic massage is believed to advertise therapeutic and enhance the look of the scar. Massaging your C-section scar may help flatten and soften the scar over time. Therapeutic massage has additionally been discovered to lower ache and itching on the incision website.

Mobilizing the pores and skin across the scar helps loosen scar tissue and enhance pores and skin tightness. Whenever you therapeutic massage your scar, blood circulation is elevated to the world. This aids in collagen formation, which helps a scar heal sooner. 

You will need to be aware that there are only a few scientific research which have studied scar therapeutic massage and located it to be efficient. Researchers discovered that whereas a lot of the scar therapeutic massage research have been weak and didn’t present clear outcomes, a lot of the sufferers observed an enchancment in the appear and feel of their scars. 

The way to Therapeutic massage Your C-Part Scar

Earlier than starting scar therapeutic massage, speak along with your healthcare supplier. Most healthcare suppliers advocate ready three weeks after surgical procedure to start a daily therapeutic massage routine. The scab out of your scar must be gone earlier than starting therapeutic massage. 

When you’re able to get began, use a mild oil reminiscent of coconut oil,  vitamin E oil, or petroleum jelly for the therapeutic massage. Coat your fingers in oil, and use the pad of your thumb or fingers to therapeutic massage the scar.

Use small, round motions to maneuver the scar round. Use sufficient strain that the scar can transfer however not a lot that the therapeutic massage is painful. Use solely as a lot strain as is comfy. 

After massaging the scar itself, transfer to the encircling pores and skin. Gently push the pores and skin in all instructions whereas making use of even strain. The aim is to loosen the scar from the tissue beneath it. 

Goal to therapeutic massage your scar for 10 minutes twice per day for no less than six weeks. Then swap to massaging the world about three to 4 instances per week till the scar has misplaced its coloring and turns into flattened.

Who Ought to Keep away from It

It’s essential to speak along with your healthcare supplier earlier than starting a day by day scar therapeutic massage routine. Keep away from scar therapeutic massage if the scar:

  • Is lower than three weeks outdated
  • Is an open incision or reduce
  • Exhibits indicators of an infection, reminiscent of rising ache, redness, or pus drainage
  • Has any issues
  • Is older than two years (a therapeutic massage at this level will possible not be efficient) 

Different Methods to Take care of Your C-Part Scar

To care in your C-section scar, present a moisture-rich atmosphere. The incision space wants to remain moist for optimum therapeutic. Speak along with your healthcare supplier about how to do that. They’ll possible advocate often making use of petroleum jelly or an antibiotic ointment as soon as the wound has closed. 

To guard your scar from an infection, preserve the world clear and well-moisturized. Change your surgical dressing as soon as per day or anytime the dressing turns into moist or soiled. Within the bathe, gently wash your scar with cleaning soap and water; keep away from scrubbing the world. 

Lastly, watch out to guard your scar from the solar. Scars are very vulnerable to break from UV rays for the primary 18 months after surgical procedure. Hold your scar lined any time you’re spending time outdoor. 


C-section scar therapeutic massage is a useful method to promote therapeutic and enhance the appear and feel of your scar. As soon as your incision has healed and you’re no less than three weeks previous your surgical procedure, speak along with your healthcare supplier about beginning a daily scar therapeutic massage routine. Hold the scar moisturized and use light strain to make small circles alongside the road of the scar. It’s also useful to therapeutic massage the pores and skin surrounding the scar. 

A Phrase From Verywell 

A c-section is main surgical procedure, and chances are you’ll be feeling nervous about touching the scar. By no means therapeutic massage an incision website that’s nonetheless open or is just too painful to the touch. Speak along with your healthcare supplier as soon as you’re feeling prepared, and know that over time, scar therapeutic massage will assist to cut back ache and hypersensitivity. 

Continuously Requested Questions

  • How lengthy after your C-section are you able to therapeutic massage your scar?

    Wait three weeks after your surgical procedure to start scar therapeutic massage. If you’re uncertain if the scar is prepared for a therapeutic massage, speak along with your healthcare supplier. 

  • How do you deal with an contaminated C-section scar?

    Name your healthcare supplier in case you are involved that your C-section scar has develop into contaminated. Doable signs of an an infection within the incision embody rising ache, redness, swelling, pus, foul-smelling drainage, and a fever. 

  • Are you able to get physique massages after having a C-section?

    Most healthcare suppliers advocate ready six weeks earlier than having a physique therapeutic massage after a C-section. Speak along with your healthcare supplier about the very best time to obtain a therapeutic massage based mostly in your well being and therapeutic schedule.

  • Are you able to eliminate a C-section scar fully?

    No, it isn’t attainable to fully eliminate a C-section scar. Nevertheless, it’s attainable to advertise scar therapeutic and forestall issues by caring for it. 

By Carrie Madormo, RN, MPH

Carrie Madormo, RN, MPH, is a well being author with over a decade of expertise working as a registered nurse. She has practiced in quite a lot of settings together with pediatrics, oncology, power ache, and public well being.


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